1. Organise conference/ seminar/ workshops to exchange information and discuss matters of common interest.

2. Coordinate animal exchange programmes.

3. Plan and conduct staff training.

4. Undertake conservation activities through captive breeding programmes.

5. Coordinate exchange of published information.

6. Establish and maintain close rapport and cordial relationships with the relevant government agencies.

7. Create opportunities for staff of member zoological parks and aquaria to participate in educational tours in local and foreign zoos.

8. Plan promotional and educational programmes.

9. Engage in soliciting donations, endowments, subscriptions and legacies from persons or organisations through legal means to pursue the obobjectives of MAZPA.

10. Involve and participate in regional and international zoo and other related organization.


1. To create a platform for developing closer interaction, cooperation, and understanding among the members.

2. To coordinate activities of common interest and information exchange.

3. To promote cooperation towards advancement of zoological parks and aquaria in Malaysia.

4. To encourage development of educational and research programmes with a view to improving conservation consciousness and manage cacaptive breeding programmes in support of fauna conservation.

5. To support in-situ wildlife management.

6. To promote tourism.

7. To ensure members conform to recognized minimum standards of zoo management.

8. To act as a mediator between government and members in implementation of certain policies when deemed necessary.

9. To assist existing zoological parks and aquaria to attain minimum recognized standards of zoo management and also assist in the esestablishment of new zoological parks and aquaria.