First MAZPA-Education Conference 2010 at Zoo Negara

The Education Department of Zoo Negara Malaysia organized the First MAZPA-EDU Conference for MAZPAs’ Zoo Educators. This 1-day conference was held at the Education Centre, Zoo Negara on 30th December 2010. The objectives of this conference were for networking and business opportunities, looking forward for organizing future events with various Malaysian educators and to act as a platform for knowledge-sharing on conservation education and environmental issues.

15 participants from seven representatives organization included Zoo Taiping & Night Safari, Zoo Negara, Department of Wildlife & National Parks (DWNP) – Institut Biodiversiti Kebangsaan Bukit Rengit, Lanchang Pahang, Zoo Melaka, Zoo Johor, Underwater World Langkawi and Sunway Wildlife Park.

This course was divided into three sessions: Session 1; Presentation by Anu Arun, the Keynote speaker from Way Out Experiences Sdn. Bhd. on “The Role of Zoo Education” and educational programmes updated by MAZPA members from organization’s representative. Session 2; Environmental Games; Three activities which were carried out during the Zoo Discovery Progamme conducted at Kancil Hall. These activities were “Chicken Dance” for Pre-school group, “Raja Katak” or “The Frog King” and “Food Web in Wetland Habitat” for Primary and Secondary School group. Session 3; Brainstorm on future events with the collaboration from different organizations. AMAZed or ‘All Malaysian Zoo Educators’ was selected as a new title for MAZPA-EDU. This trademark will be used for any conferences and products organized by MAZPA-Education committee members.

This conference introduced participants to the function of the zoo educators by using environmental interpretation practices for biodiversity conservation. New methods of learning and teaching technique were also introduced. Environmental games, talks and activities made the participants practically learned about the best way to promote awareness for wildlife ex-situ conservation. Techniques and templates provided can also be used to suit the demands of the zoo audience especially school groups. The Department gained new experience and opportunity to organize such a conference not only in Asia but also in the nation region.

Zoo Negara and the MAZPA Committee members would like to convey their thanks and appreciation to Ms. Anu Arun from Way Out Experiences Sdn. Bhd. as a guest speaker and all participants for the knowledge-sharing experience throughout the conference.

Second All Malaysian Zoo Educators’ Conference at Zoo Negara

The All Malaysian Zoo Educators’ (AMAZED) was setup last year. The Conference which served as a platform for zoo educators to meet annually and update members on their activities in respective organizations and to exchange ideas. This conference also aimed for opportunity in capacity building and to create a network among each other. Theme selected for this year was ‘Planting the Seeds of Conservation’ which held in October at the Zoo Education Centre.

20 of guest speakers from various backgrounds were invited and 15 papers presented during the conference. The organizations involved were from the Ministry of Education: Curriculum Development Division, Gombak District Education Office, Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Zoo Melaka, Zoo Taiping & Night Safari, Aquaria KLCC, TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, WWF Malaysia, APE Malaysia, Sabah Environmental Education Network (SEEN), Sarang Buaya Pasir Gudang Johor, Sunway Wildlife Park, True Discovery and Lost World of Tambun to share the one common passion and interest on environmental education. It has indeed been an eye-opening session and we thank everyone for supporting this conference.

List of papers presented were:

Katie R. (2011).
“Zoo Education: A Comparative International Study of Zoo Intentions and the Visitor Experience”
International Consultant, Zoo Education Specialist
Program Development and Evaluation
Education Research and Analysis

Nor Azlin Y. (2011).
“Zoological Gardens and Urban Parks: Working Together for Effective Conservation Education”
Head, Ecotourism and Urban Forestry Programme
Forest and Environment Division
Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

Kashry A. R. (2011).
“The National Curriculum: Role in the Environmental Education”
Head of Geography Unit,
Curriculum Development Division
Ministry of Education

Hairunnisa Z. (2011).
“Sekolah Lestari – Anugerah Alam Sekitar: Komponen Kurikulum”
Programme Officer

Nurfaeziane N. (2011).
“Sabah Environmental Education Network (SEEN): Our Story”
Environment Control Officer
Environment Protection Department
Sabah Environmental Education Network (SEEN)

Saiful Azlan O. (2011).
“Education Development in Gombak and Nurturing Conservation Through Education”
Assistant Officer
(English Secondary)
Gombak District Education Office

Junaidi O. (2011).
“AMAZED for Training the Trainers in Zoo Education”
Education Department
Zoo Negara Malaysia

Edwina Lim T. (2011).
“Zoo Discovery: Malaysian Endangered Journey”
Education Department
Zoo Negara Malaysia

Che Nurul Asikin Che N. (2011).
“Education Programme at Zoo Melaka”
Assistant Wildlife Officer
Zoo Melaka

Norzainah O. (2011).
“Wildlife Signage: It’s Time for Better Approach”
Aquaria KLCC

Shamsuddin O. (2011).
“The Wildlife Conservation Act 2010: A Brief Introduction to Zoo Compliances”
Principal Assistant Director
Law & Enforcement Division
Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN)
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Renee Y. Claire B. (2011).
“The Illegal Wildlife Trade – How Zoo Educators Can Make a Real Difference”
Training & Capacity Building
TRAFFIC Southeast Asia

Christine F. (2011).
“Bats and Us: Are We So Different?”
Research Officer
Head of Forest Ecology Branch
Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

Mazrul M. (2011).
“The Role of Volunteers in Facilitating and Promoting Zoo Education”
Programme Coordinator
Way Out Experiences Sdn Bhd

Katie M. (2011).
“Enrichment as an Educational Tool”
Way Out Experiences Sdn Bhd

The 3rd AMAZED (All Malaysian Zoo Educators) Conference

This year, AMAZED Workshop 2012 were took place at the Institute of Biodiversity, Department of Wildlife and National Park Lanchang, Pahang with the theme, ‘Creative and Colourful Learning’. This theme selected to bring together zoo educators and ambassadors through art discipline in creating fantastic ideas for environmental education. This exercise may give such impact for participants to design their lesson plan with an art character while performing their duties.

As for our responsibility to educate young generation, we encourage zoo educators to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with participants through hands-on activity during the workshop.

This AMAZeD Workshop was held on 21st until 23rd October 2012 with 24 participants and facilitators from various organizations : Institute of Biodiversity, Department of Wildlife and National Park, Zoo Negara Malaysia, Zoo Melaka, Zoo Taiping and Night Safari, Underwater World Langkawi and other organizations.

List of papers presentation :

Module 1 : Presentation from Zoo Taiping & Night Safari
Module 2 : Presentation from Zoo Negara
Module 3 : Presentation from Zoo Melaka
Module 4 : Presentation from Penang Butterfly Farm
Module 5 : Presentation from Institute of Biodiversity
Module 6 : Presentation from Underwater World Langkawi
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Lanchang Pahang

The 4th AMAZED (All Malaysian Zoo Educators) Conference

During the course, the Education staff conducted a one-day AMAZED conference to share the inputs of zoo education, public awareness and promoting the zoo. The theme was ‘Speak up for Wildlife’ focused on engaging public to become wildlife ambassadors and deliver conservation messages to others. The participants shared similar interest during presentation. Altogether, 12 papers were presented as listed below:

Presentation 1 :
‘Wild About Nature’ by Rina Omar, Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam (YAWA)

Presentation 2 :
‘Public Engagement through Zoo CSR & Wildlife Enrichment Programme’ by Adzmier Helmi, Education Department of Zoo Negara Malaysia

Presentation 3 :
‘Proposal Paper on Educational Programmes for Schools in Kedah’ by Nurul Nabilah, Underwater World Langkawi

Presentation 4 :
‘Zoo Interactive in Promoting Awareness’ by Fikri Burhanuddin, Education Department of Zoo Negara Malaysia

Presentation 5 :
‘Kancil Ranger’ by Mastura Jamil, Education Department of Zoo Negara Malaysia

Presentation 6 :
‘Changing the Malaysians Mind Set towards Wildlife Conservation and Zoo’ by Edwina Lim, Wildlife Educator

Presentation 7 :
‘The Bug Exploration - When Bugs Meet Homo sapiens’ by Edemin Ramirez, Entopia Penang

Presentation 8 :
‘Volunteer Experience in Promoting Awareness’ by Chet Chin, Zoo Volunteer

Presentation 9 :
‘Education through Research’ by Dr Neil Mennie, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Zoo Publicity & Promotion

Presentation 10 :
‘Reaching Public Awareness’ by Saffuan Zaiharin, Public Relations & Marketing of Zoo Negara Malaysia

Presentation 11 :
‘Saidina MAZPA – Board Games for Wildlife Awareness’ by Shah Al Zeflee Rosli, Saito College

Presentation 12 :
‘Mobile Encyclopedia of the Zoo (MEZOO)’ by Prof. Dr. Amir Merican, University Malaya

The 5th AMAZED (All Malaysian Zoo Educators) Conference

This AMAZeD Conference 2016 was held on 17th October during the 10th MAZPA Field Training Course with 35 participants and speakers from various organizations : Zoo Taiping & Night Safari, Lost World of Tambun, Perak, Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm and Zoo Negara Malaysia. Five presentations were presented during the conference :

Presentation 1 :
‘Petting Zoo: Towards EDU-tainment’ by Cik Nurliza Abdul Majid
Lost World of Tambun, Perak

Presentation 2 :
‘Entopia Learning Team’ by Pn Eugena Choo
Entopia, Penang

Presentation 3 :
‘Looking at the Window: The Experience Journey’ by Dr Ridhwan
Zoo Taiping & Night Safari, Perak

Presentation 4 :
‘ZooEd & Experience’ by En Musnarizal
Zoo Taiping & Night Safari, Perak

Presentation 5 :
‘Kancil Camp at Zoo Negara’ by En Junaidi Omar
Zoo Negara Malaysia

The MAZPA would like to thank all those speakers for their sharing and contribution during this conference.